Wood uniform color

Absence of color defects

Spotless wood

BASCHILD kilns avoid the spotting on the surface of the dryed wood.

Uniform color

BASCHILD drying kilns ensure a uniform color for all timber stacks.

Quick humidification

BASCHILD ensures a better and faster humidification rather than traditional dryers.

Technologies for a uniform color


Bad humidification is the main cause of stains, aesthetic defects of the wood.

DUAL RAMP optimizes the air humidification according to the ventilation direction, in order to avoid wood spots.


The color uniformity is the prerequisite of a good steaming process.

BASCHILD OXI-VENT system allows steam to be spread evenly, to prevent non saturated areas at high risk of color differences.


BASCHILD High Pressure Humidification System HPHS-2 ensures a better quality humidification. 

Water is nebulized more finely in order to obtain, in the same amount of time, higher performances than traditional dryers

Furthermore HPHS-2 increases the humidification step speed.

High Pressure Humidification System combines the advantages of a water and compressed air integrated system with the ease of installation and use of a traditional low pressure water system.


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