BASCHILD PDK wood pre-drying kilns

PDK pre-drying kilns for wood

PDK is the name of BASCHILD pre-drying kilns.

PDK pre-dryers treat every type of wood essence, from an average thickness of 30 mm till beams (green timber stored).

Each kiln is specifically designed with a capacity from 300 m3 to 2.000 m3 net per cycle.

Timber is loaded frontally by forklifts.

The software BASCHILD ZOOM automatically manages the climate. 

The pre-drying kilns are made for the outdoor installation, despite the weather conditions.


Technical features

  • aluminum alloy structure, wrought by Numerical Control Machines (CNC) and designed to withstand a snow load of more than 250 kg/m2 and winds of more than 150 km/h;
  • stainless steel screws and bolts;
  • aluminum interior walls, with a thickness of 15/10 mm, assembled on the installation site and siliconized together;
  • rock wool inner insulation, with minimum thickness of 100 mm;
  • aluminum exterior cladding, with special anti-oxidation treatment;
  • heat exchangers in stainless steel and extruded aluminum;
  • stainless steel distribution system with the standardized thickness of 25/10 mm;
  • special temperature uniformity system;
  • exchangers welded in robotized cell, 50 bar tested and powered by hot water;
  • reversible ventilation, synchronized between the kiln zones;
  • high pressure and capacity fans, made of stainless steel and aluminum;
  • air recirculation system with anti-shock proportional opening;
  • high pressure humidification system to spray water.


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