Unique drying technologies

Innovative wood drying kilns

Multi-user management

Several operators can manage the drying kilns at the same time: an absolute innovation in the timber drying world.


BASCHILD offers a wide range of technologies to customize drying kilns according to your needs.

Reduction of polluting emissions

BASCHILD drying kilns can be installed everywhere, even close to residential areas, thanks to special technologies, capable to reduce odor and noise emissions.

Unique drying technologies


BASCHILD’s experience paves the way for light steaming among the TDK drying kilns.  

LSE  (Light Steam Equipment) is a set of solutions designed to obtain a slight coloring (darkening) of the wood, in particular for beechwood drying.

Light Steam Equipment combines the processes (steaming and drying) in a unique totally automatic cycle, in order to optimize the production and get performances previously achievable only with steaming chambers


BASCHILD drying kilns adapt to the specific size of each sawmill.

In case you have a limited space, you can efficiently exploit it by using the V-DOR system.

Instead of sliding horizontally, like conventional dryers, this special main door lifts vertically to optimize the available space.

Easily operated by a keyboard, the main door is equipped with a fall protection safety system.


BASCHILD ZOOM is the first and only software in the wood drying world offering a multi-user control system.

The controller is equipped with the MUSA server, that allows several operators to manage the kiln at the same time.

ZOOM is available for all BASCHILD kilns: dryers, high temperature kilns, direct or indirect steaming chambers and pre-dryers.


DB-REDUCER reduces the noise emissions of the wood drying kilns.

The system facilitates the construction of the kilns close to residential areas, because acts as antinoise filter and reduces the sawmill decibels.


NOX-WALL is a wet oxidiser, capable to filter the waste fumes due to the wood thermal treatment.

The system allows to reduce the polluting emissions of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), in order to respect the limits prescribed by law.

Furthermore the NOX-WALL filtering system contains anti odoriferous agents, reducing the typical odor emissions of the high temperature kilns.

This technology is useful for all sawmills, specially for those close to residential areas.

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