BASCHILD DVK-I indirect steaming chambers

BASCHILD DVK-I wood steaming chambers for indirect vaporization

The indirect steaming chambers BASCHILD DVK-I vaporize the wood thanks to the steam produced inside the kiln through a boiling water system.

Tables and trunks are vaporized in a completely automatic cycle, thanks to the control system BASCHILD ZOOM.

Steam is produced by the boiling of the water contained in a tank, located inside the kiln.

The exchanger, powered by water (at least +120°C), steam, diathermic oil or gas, generates the water overheating and consequently its boiling.

Once condensed, the water is drained off through special ducts, placed inside the steaming chamber foundations.

The kiln capacity varies from a minimum of 20 m3, up to a maximum of 200 m3 net per cycle.

Stacks are loaded with forklift loading system.

Each vaporizer is built for the specific needs of the client. 

The DVK-I steaming chambers are designed to be installed outside, with any environmental condition.


Technical features

  • aluminum interior walls, with a thickness of 15/10 mm, assembled on the installation site and siliconized together;
  • inner insulation in rock wool with a minimum thickness of 100 mm;
  • exterior of cladding made of aluminum with a special anti-oxidation treatment;
  • stainless steel heat exchangers, with standardized thickness of 25/10 mm and 50 bar tested;
  • stainless steel boiling tank;
  • OXI-VENT over-pressure system to ensure steam homogeneity inside the kiln.


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