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The BASCHILD factory is located in Treviolo (district of Bergamo), in the heart of Northern Italy.  

This is a well-known industrial area, renowned for the know-how acquired over the years. The company has its roots in this territory, full of experience and technologically advanced.

The high mechanization of the industrial segment ensures considerable advantages, like the high quality products and the fast delivery.

This is made possible also by the wide availability of raw materials, that consent to obtain an industrial and tailored product at the same time, cause designed according to the customer needs.

Treviolo is nowadays one of the first drying kilns factories in the world for size and productivity and represents an excellent example of "Made in Italy". Here are all the corporate departments: Production, Administration, Research & Development, Logistics and Sales & Marketing.

The headquarters has a size of 12000 m2 and a production capacity of 400 medium sized drying kilns per year. Furthermore guest quarters are available for collaborators and technicians from all over the world. 

The factory is equipped with the most modern machineries to obtain the best results and reduce the production time. Innovations are continuously introduced, to improve the performances of the products.

The machining center for aluminum and stainless steel laser cutting and the robotized stations for welding are cutting-edge technologies, providing more value to the kilns and in a shorter time.

BASCHILD products meet the customer needs as fast as possible, maintaining the quality standards that have made them famous worldwide. 

The Research & Development Department experts make use of a laboratory, where customers can watch live processes like the wood thermal treatment.

BASCHILD develops internally both hardware and software in order to realize a customized product with user-friendly interface.

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