BASCHILD ATK high temperature kilns

ATK high temperature kilns for wood

The product line BASCHILD ATK includes high temperature drying kilns for wood thermal modification (thermal treatment).

The ATK kilns thermally treat peeled wood, sliced wood and lumber with an after drying process (dryed wood).

Wood is loaded with cart on rails.

Afterwards the control system BASCHILD ZOOM automatically manages the cycle.

The high temperature kilns are customized starting from customer needs and assembled on the installation site.

The capacity of each kiln is in the range of 10 m3 - 100 m3 net per cycle.


Technical features

  • outdoor installation whatever the environmental factors;
  • stainless steel structure and cladding panels, wrought with Numerical Control Machines (CNC) and standardized in order to withstand snow load of more than 350 kg/m2 and the effect of the thermo-mechanical expansion;
  • heat exchangers in stainless steel and extruded aluminum;
  • distribution system in stainless steel with the standardized thickness of 25/10 mm;
  • temperature uniformity system;
  • exchangers, welded in robotized cell and tested at 50 bar, can be powered by diathermic oil or gas;
  • management and control system for pressure.


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